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Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system, or measurable human interaction. Designing often necessitates considering the aesthetic, functional, economic, and sociopolitical dimensions of both the design object and design process. It may involve considerable research, thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and re-design. Meanwhile, diverse kinds of objects may be designed, including strategic storytelling, graphical user interfaces, interior space, to corporate identities.

We provide creative ways and unique styles that incorporate any and all aspects of design. Cordisco offers visual communication strategies and ideas which empower our clients to tell their stories in new ways and to effectively communicate those stories to internal and external audiences. From graphic design to interior design, we deliver creative experiences that will flourish for years to come. A great identity gives your business or home a leg up on the competition, and makes you feel most confident. Everyone strives to be unique in their own way and wants to communicate quality and beauty for others…it makes people connect emotionally with you. We are experts at crafting a memorable and consistent design with captivating messaging to match. …A different perspective.


All Aspects Of Design

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with smart, conceptual solutions, and committed to the highest quality creative design and production. We partner with printers, copywriters, venues, developers, and more to deliver the end result on time and within budget. We focus on building ecosystems centered around current trends and consumer engagement. Turning stories into conversations, impressions into relationships, and campaigns into results.

Meet our team

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recreate your space

First we start with what you have and rethink how it can all work together to create a fresh space. We update each room to reflect who you are, showcase what you care about, and enhance how you live. If we need those extra pieces, we can shop for everything you need to complete your space without leaving your home. Once your list is complete, we’ll order everything and handle any returns. We can also do some local shopping to search even further to find just the right stuff or to expedite the experience. Help us define your design vision by sharing details like room size, intended use, budget and inspiration. Watch it all come together as you dive into the creative process and see your world transform.

What we do and how much we charge...

Below describes what each team does for each category. We will work with you to come up with the best plan of action and how long it will most likely take. If you don't see something below having to do with design let us know because I think we pretty much covered everything. Oh wait, we can also do landscape design if you want to take it outside. Let us know in the contact section below and we will reach out soon.

    • branding

      $70 hr
      • logo design

      • style guides // brand books

      • strategy

      • copywriting

      • storyboarding

      • scripting

    • digital

      $50 hr
      • presentations

      • websites (Wordpress only)

      • web banners

      • custom emails // Mailchimp

      • videos // apps

      • social advertising

    • print

      $50 hr
      • brochures

      • business cards // stationary

      • tradeshows

      • sales slicks

      • posters // banners

      • ads

robert cordisco

Do you need a conversation piece?


Trusted Brands & Clients

Through brand strategy and design, we craft experiences that help brands stand out as well as stand for something. We design with a purpose, to help brands engage their consumers so they can build awareness, create conversation, and drive brand consideration.

Branding and Package Design

Branding, Marketing, and Advertising Campaigns

Branding, Marketing, Website, & Collateral

Branding, Presentation Design, Infographics, & Photo Manipulation

  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Rhett for more than 3 years. He is an extremely talented designer that consistently delivers impressive work on brand, on time, and on budget. Rhett has the ability to quickly understand the needs of clients and develop multiple options based either on a simple conversation or a detailed creative brief. Because of his understanding of brand strategy, his design work is always aligned with client objectives. I would highly recommend Cordisco for creative asset development, brand logo packages, website development, and a wide rage of marketing collateral.”

    Steve Denker // TopRight

  • “Enjoy working with you as well :) Thanks for accommodating all of our crazy projects and timelines!”

    Rosanna Beron // UKIES

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